Indah Water

Entrepreneur Development Program

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This category includes all supply that is required such as operations equipment, uniform attire, office equipment and security equipment. IWK's main categories are as follows:

Operations Equipment
  • Jetter,hand tools
  • Electrical Components:
    Isolator, MCCB, RCCB, relay, switches, control panel.
  • Security Equipment:
    Gas detector, helmet, safety shoes, life vests.
Operation Supply
  • Officer Equipment:
  • Office Supply:
    Paper, stationery, files, etc.
  • Computer Supply:
    Computer, printers, network component.
  • Computer Consumable Supply:
    Diskette, paper, toners, ribbon.
  • Printing:
    Namecard, letterhead, envelopes, notices, invoices.

  • Main Equipment:
    Pumps, aerators, blowers, valves, instrumentation.
  • Selection:
    Tender is conducted every year in the middle of the year. Suppliers registered with IWK in the above categories will be invited to particiapte in the tender.
  • Laboratory Equipment and Supply:
    Chemicals, lab equipment.
  • Selection Criteria:
    Fulfilled the technical requirement and most competitive price.
  • Chemical Supply:
    Polymer, enzymes.
Work categories available are as follows:

1. Geotechnical
Conduct engineering survey for IWK's project construction site.

2. Design
IWK's main project such as plants and pump stations.

3. Engineering survey
Measure land site area.

4. Catchment Planning
Conduct investigation for IWK's future projects.

5. Skill Trainings
Conduct skills training programs to upgrade level of skills for IWK staff.