Training Courses


Training Programme

Currently, Indah Water Training Centre (IWTC) offers the following courses to both the internal (staff) and external (wider public) which covers over 96 sanitation and sewerage programmes up to 2019.  We have designed and customized sessions for over 40 organizations, 6800 participants and 7 countries all over Asia and Africa.  All of our programmes are met with international and local standards in order to uphold the authenticity, principles and originality to provide and educate sewerage awareness for economic advantages and environmental protection. Click here for IWTC's Capacity Building for people proposal.



Hands-on application training, live demonstration as well as real role-play on simulation could be used to complement and facilitate training and teaching at IWTC. This is made possible by the training centre being located within the Regional Sewage Treatment Works and is equipped with sewerage products display room and an experimental laboratory as well as mock sewerage facilities. The laboratory on site could accommodate teaching and training of fundamental laboratory techniques. The mock sewerage facilities allow participants to experience the closest-to-real working situation.







Click here for IWTC's main list of training and calendar for 2020.

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