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Hands-on application training, live and passive demonstration as well as simulation could be used to complement and facilitate training and teaching at IWTC. This is made possible by the training centre being located within the Regional Sewage Treatment Works and is equipped with sewerage products display room and an experimental laboratory as well as mock sewerage facilities. The laboratory could accommodate teaching and training of fundamental laboratory techniques. The mock sewerage facilities allow participants to experience closest-to-real working situation.

The mock facilities include:

  • Manhole for man entry complete with tripod, safety harness, gas detectors and breathing apparatus. – Confined Space Training.
  • Sewer lines of various sizes and depth complete with manual and mechanical rodding tools and machines.
  • Septic tanks of various sizes and types.
  • Pump stations complete with raw sewage pumps and accessories.
  • Electrical control panel with various components, circuit breakers, float switches and motors for simulation exercises.

In addition to the functional trainings, IWTC is also equipped with classroom space outfitted with appropriate presentation technology for the theory-oriented training. The centre has four air-conditioned training rooms which have a total capacity for training 70-100 people depending on the training delivery method. Training could be in the mode of classroom, practical, workshop, or seminar. Various modes of training using white board, flip chart, overhead and LCD projectors as well as video are available and conducted here.

Basic facilities such as an office, foyer, pantry, praying room, toilet and shower facilities as well as ample car parking space are available. The training centre is continually exploring opportunities to establish additional facilities to provide comfort, convenience and greater access to its training programs.

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