Integrity Unit


Integrity Unit (IU) of IWK was established in 2014 after the signing of the Corporate Integrity Pledge by the whole Company in 2013. IWK is committed to uphold integrity values in all of its business activities.

  • Create a worthy organization with a high level of integrity and ethics;
  • Instill a culture of integrity at all levels in the organization;
  • Strengthen the assimilation of integrity through dissemination of information, strategic implementation and shared experience;
  • Apply integrity as core philosophy in implementing organizational activities;
  • and Ensure integrity coordination through preventive, corrective and affirmative actions.

Develop sustainable employees with strong spiritual, religious and ethical values to uphold the Company’s vision.


IWK will strive to attain the highest reputation for efficient sewerage services through zero tolerance to corruption and serve as a role model in the Corporate Society.

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