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CEO's Message 2004


We Are Highly Committed To Providing Efficient Sewerage Services To All Customers Besides Striving Towards Developing The National Sewerage System That Will Collectively Contribute Towards A Sustainable & Friendly Environment


To Be The Most Efficient & Environment Caring Sewerage Company

Dear Valued Customer,
IWK 2004 Sewerage Services Performances

As the national sewerage company providing sewerage services to over 18 million users in the country, IWK takes great pride to present IWK’s 2004 initiatives, achievements and challenges in managing the public sewerage systems.

As at December 2004, the company operates and maintains 8,414 public sewage treatment plants and network pumping stations, 14,148 km of underground sewerage pipelines, providing scheduled desludging services to over 350,000 individual septic tanks as well as planning and developing a sustainable sewerage infrastructure and systems for the nation.

IWK's commitment towards the environment is reflected in the corporate vision of becoming "the most efficient and environmental caring sewerage company". Provision of continuous services to preserve the environment is central to the company's mission.


IWK's commitment to the environment is internalized into daily operations. With a view to relentlessly improving the sewerage services performance, all available resources and efforts are focused on:

  • Meeting the level of services set by the Government
  • Operations and maintenance of Public Sewerage Systems
  • Responding promptly to public complaints; and
  • Upgrading or refurbishing plants and facilities to improve operational performance
Level of Services

IWK is committed to provide efficient sewerage services to all customers. With a view to fulfill this commitment, problems such as spillage caused by blockage, broken pipes or malfunctioned pumps and other related equipment; nuisance at sewage treatment plants and requests for desludging services; are acknowledged or addressed within a reasonable time frame.

Operations & Maintenance

The 8,414 public sewerage facilities nationwide require regular maintenance to ensure that all equipment operates efficiently and effluent released back to the waterways is environmentally safe. These facilities include 2,985 mechanical sewage treatment plants, 3,650 communal septic tanks, 775 Imhoff Tanks, 493 Oxidation Ponds, 510 sewerage pumping stations and 1 Marine Outfall in Penang. The routine maintenance works involved general cleaning duties to the highly technical tasks of calibrating equipment to optimize the treatment processes in the treatment plants.

Public Complaints

In 2004, a monthly average of 3,200 sewerage services complaints was registered and over 90% were resolved within the Level of Service as stipulated in the Customer Charter. Besides complaints over 6,300 requests for cleansing of septic tanks, 2,100 written enquiries on billings and services as well as 26,500 calls were received for the whole of 2004.

As a Standard Operationg Procedure, all enquiries, requests or complaints are acknowledged within 24 hours. However, for billing related matters, the resolution for any billing adjustment will only take effect in the next monthly bill for Commercial, Industrial and Government accounts or six monthly bills for house.

Refurbishment & Upgrading

These are planned sewerage works to rehabilitate dilapidated and old sewerage facilities to improve the sewage treatment processes and ensure that the effluent released back into the water courses are environmentally safe. Over 3,300 dilapidated public sewage treatment plants nationwide have undergone refurbishment and another 2,300 is undergoing refurbishment or upgrading works in phases for the next few years.


The effluent from the public sewage treatments are regularly monitored and tested in three laboratories in Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Melaka to ensure constant and consistent compliance of the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Suspended Solids (SS) standards.

The combined environmental performance results as at end of December 2004 were within the total permissible limits as follows:

  • Pollution loads have been reduced after undergoing sewage treatment processes. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Suspended Solids (SS) loads have been reduced by 70% and 60% respectively.
  • Overall effluent have been meeting total allowable load for effluent discharge. On the average, the actual effluent standards have been able to perform 13% and 35% less than the total allowable loads for BOD and SS respectively.
  • Considerable investments to upgrade and refurbish non-performing treatment plants have improved the compliance standards. BOD and SS pollution load have been reduced by one fifth after refurbishment.

For the past 5 years, it has been observed that more customers are realizing the benefits of efficient sewerage management provided by IWK. On the average, about 70% of the sewerage services have been promptly paid by customers, who appreciate the continuous improvement of the sewerage services.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support towards our joint responsibility to preserving the environment and water resources.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully
On behalf of Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd

Suhaimi Kamaralzaman
Chief Executive Officer