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CEO's Message 2002


Dear Valued Customer,
2002 Achievements

Ushering the new year 2002, the company formulated a 'Vision' and 'Mission' statement with the aim to chart its direction and course as well as to promote a sense of purpose amongst staff and management to achieve the targets set in a 5-Year Business Plan.

The immediate plans implemented in 2002 and 2003 were specifically targeted at restoring dilapidated sewage treatment plants, malfunctioned network pumping stations, replacement of deteriorated sewerage pipelines and construction of new sludge treatment facilities.

The continued support from more customers has contributed significantly to the improvements in the overall collection for the year. The higher rate of collection has enabled the company to invest in more new vehicles, equipment/tools and technologies to further improve the overall sewerage services rendered to customers.

Sewerage Services Bill Collection

For the period from January 2002 to December 2002, the total collection for the year registered an increase of RM31 million or 21% higher than the corresponding period in 2001. The total number of premises billed as at December 2002 has also increased to 1.8 million.

Refurbishment & Capital Works

As at 31 December 2002, a total of 2,024 sewage treatment plants have been refurbished at a total cost of RM164 million and another 995 sewage treatment plants are being refurbished at a total cost of RM82 million. A substantial amount of the refurbishment program funds was from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

Upgrading works of sewage treatment plants and network pumping stations were implemented at a total cost of RM59 million. The major projects presently under construction is Georgetown, Penang network pumping stations (RM16 million). Two major upgrading works in the final stage of completion are sewage treatment plants at Pantai, Kuala Lumpur (RM3.6 million) and Taman Mas, Ipoh (RM8.5 million).

Company's Investments To Improve Operating Efficiency

The higher revenue collected was invested in the acquisition of equipment/tools and vehicles to further improve the company's operating efficiency in providing pro-active sewerage services.

Paddle Wheel Aerators & Vans

More new paddle wheel aerators were purchased to aerate oxidation ponds with odour problem. RM436,000.00 were invested to purchase another 350 units of the aerators. To-date 600 units have been purchased and over 400 units have been installed and operational. The balance 200 aerators are in the midst of being installed as soon as electrical power supply is available at the oxidation ponds.

RM1.5 million were invested to purchase 22 more new vans to facilitate the transportation of staff and sewerage equipment, such as temporary pumps, portable generators, hydraulic jacks and tool kits; to upkeep the sewage treatment plants and pumping stations. Since 2001, a total of RM5 million has been spent to purchase 72 vans for the 17 IWK offices in the country.

Desludging Tankers

RM242,000.00 were spent to purchase 2 more desludging tankers with a capacity of 2,500 litres to cope with the increasing request for the 'mandatory' desludging service of individual septic tanks. More customers, whose premises with individual septic tanks, are realizing the importance of regular desludging to keep the environment clean at no additional charge to them other than the six monthly charges for Domestic premises and Government quarters and monthly charges for Commercial, Industrial and Government buildings.

Desludging of Oxidation Pond

For the first time, the company adopted a new technology at an investment cost of RM5.3 million to desludge, dewater and dispose 53,000 m3 of sludge from an abandoned 'aerated lagoons' sewage treatment plant located at a site in Jalan SS13/6 Subang Jaya, Selangor, which serves a population equivalent of 60,000 from Bandar Sunway and part of Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Appointment of Private Contractors

As part of the company's initiatives to minimize disruption of sewerage services to customers, mechanical and electrical engineering contractors have been appointed to undertake scheduled preventive maintenance works of sewage treatment plants and network pumping stations' mechanical equipment and electrical power supply control panels. Term contractors specializing in civil works were also appointed to facilitate and expedite restoration works of collapsed sewerage pipelines, clearing of blockages and cleaning services of sewage treatment plants.

Human Resources Management System

A new fully integrated human resources management program was acquired to further improve the administration of employees' payroll, training, recruitment, attendance, health & safety and a 'self-service' decentralized on-line access and update facility for annual leave applications.

Overall Sewerage Services Performance

As at 31 December 2002, the company provides sewerage services to about 10 million users in the country, except Johor Bahru, Kelantan, Sabah and Sarawak. The sewerage services rendered includes operating and maintaining 7,127 public sewage treatment plants, 399 pumping stations, 11,500 km network of sewerage pipelines and schedule desludging service to 949,000 individual septic tanks.

To ensure that the company continues to provide efficient sewerage services to you, we look forward to your continued support and cooperation to settle the sewerage bills promptly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and caring attitude towards keeping the environment clean.

Yours faithfully
On behalf of Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd

Suhaimi Kamaralzaman
Chief Executive Officer