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CEO's Message 2001

Dear Valued Customer,
IWK Achievements & Plans

As part of Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd's (IWK) initiative for the year 2002, the company is taking a proactive approach to inform all valued customers on its efforts and achievements since IWK was entrusted with the responsibility to manage and develop the country's sewerage system. The company is also taking this opportunity to bring to the attention of all valued customers the investment and commitment that the company has undertaken to further improve the quality of service for the benefit of all Malaysians.

Under the 8th Malaysia Plan, over RM1.5 billion has been allocated for improvement of the sewerage systems in the country. IWK is responsible for providing technical expertise and project management support to ensure the projects are implemented according to the approved plans. The plans involve refurbishment of existing public sewage treatment plants, construction of new public sewage treatment plants, public sewerage pipes network, pumping stations and central sludge facilities throughout the country.

For the year 2001, the company received encouraging support from its valued customers who care about the cleanliness of the environment and managed to collect higher sewerage bill payments as compared to year 2000. The overall collection for the year registered an increase of RM35 million or equivalent to an increase of 32%. The positive result and trend of collection has enabled the company to invest and commit in the following programs:

Human Resource

The total number of staff in the company increased by 8% from 1,693 in the beginning of the year to 1,835 at the end of 2001. The increase in the total staff force has enabled the company to embark on a fast-track program to improve customer service.

Paddle Wheel Aerators

RM326,000.00 were invested on the purchase of 250 units of the aerators which were installed in oxidation ponds, with odour problems, throughout the country. The company plans to invest a further RM1 million in the Phase 2 project to install paddle wheel aerators in oxidation ponds with odour problems.

Refurbishment and Building of New Sewerage Systems

Since the Government took over the company in June 2000, IWK has committed a sum of RM57.8 million to build new sewage systems and refurbishment of existing sewage treatment plants. Apart from IWK's commitment, the Government through the Ministry of Housing and Local Government has committed RM123 million in 2001 for the building of new sewage systems in the country.

Sewer Cleaning Vehicles

RM2.6 million was invested in the purchase of 4 units of Sewer Cleaning Vehicles to complement the existing 4 units. The vehicles are equipped with a heavy-duty vacuum for clearing blockages and high-pressured jetting hose to breakdown hardened grease and solid waste in the sewer pipelines.

Box Vans

RM 3.5 million was spent on the purchase of 50 units of the 'box' vans to facilitate our regular repair and maintenance works at pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and sewerage networks. The vans are all equipped with temporary pumps, portable generators and complete set of sewerage tool kit.

In 2001, the total number of public sewage treatment plants operated and maintained by IWK increased by 236 from 6,457 to 6,693. The length of the public sewerage network maintained by IWK has also increased by 709 km from 9,236 km to 9,945 km.

For 2002, the company will continue to invest in equipment, vehicles and refurbishment program to ensure that the country's sewerage systems, namely the public sewage treatment plants and sewerage networks, are operated and maintained systematically and professionally according the set guidelines and procedures.

To fulfill all these responsibilities and obligations, the company looks forward to the continued utmost support of valued customers to settle their sewerage bills promptly.

We wish to thank you to all our valued customers and together, we can keep our environment cleaner and healthier!

Yours faithfully
On behalf of Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd

Suhaimi Kamaralzaman
Chief Executive Officer